Me, happy.

Me, happy.

This picture looks like the way I like to feel. It was taken just weeks before I moved from San Diego to New York City with Bill, my best friend husband. Two kids already lived here; we hoped the third might make her way east, too. I dreamed about "making it there." Making it here again, actually, since this was where I came to life at 21 after college. 

Two years in, I feel both back at home and like a grateful tourist without the hotel tax. All five of us are in New York now, which dinners with everyone once in a while. Yes! Driving, not flying, to see extended family. Great! Being able to argue with my siblings and kids without worrying that we won't see each other again for six months. I like that, too. 

What makes me smile: trying to identify the languages I hear all around, the sight of the Empire State building at night, the seasons -- all of them, visiting with longtime friends who visit from afar, making new ones here, the swooshing sound busses make as they go past our apartment, going to the theater or opera.

And the museums. I love them all. We joined the Met, Whitney, MOMA, Cooper Hewitt, and Guggenheim (also the New York Society Library, which has exhibits sometimes which makes it worth mentioning just because it's so historical, New York-y and simply awesome) and actually use our passes a lot.

Bill came up with the expression "snacking on art," one Friday night on the roof of the Met. We don't have to see everything at once -- too overwhelming. I sometimes notice myself walking past amazing art because I can't process the pieces anymore. 

I like to visit specific exhibits, yet now have the luxury or being able to go because I'm bored, blocked, or bothered and want to reboot. 

This blog will serve as both an appreciation of art and a personal journal, as I plan to share pieces of my life as well.

Though Julia Cameron is well known for morning pages, she also wrote about weekly artist dates. This blog is my nod to the artist dates, though mine aren't always solo adventures. 

Thanks for visiting my page. Enjoy the blog and come visit New York City,